The time has come! The Lostboys have been gathered. The pirates are mounting their attack, but unbeknownst to them, the savages have our back.

It has been some times since our last correspondence (sorry I had to) but the time for a new SIR release is upon us! The Lostboy Collection is nearing completion! The album has been fully recorded and is almost done with mixing. Next up is the mastering process and then PRESSING!

It has been a long time coming but the record featuring nearly 30 guests from all over the US from every genre imaginable has been compiled with the best of themes! Deep down, we are all Lostboys. We all have some adventure we want to go on. We all have some high seas battle we're chasing. Some mermaid we lust after. Some Wendy we've watched from afar. This is an album for you. Head over to the Soundcloud page to check out a few of the pre-master versions, see what you're in for! A full list of features will be coming soon! Until next time, keep pretending. ~cory