Self Implied Restrictions was formed in 2010 out of pure frustration with the local music scene. After having several bands fail and musicians back down, Cory "DIZZY" Gottron, decided to take the solo route. Since the groups conception, many original songs have been written, re-written and re-re-written. In this time, Cory was finding his musical niche through cover songs. The first cover released was of Black Train by Outerspace Overdose, which was released in video format. A second video and cover song was released for a Berklee Music competition for the band Karmin. This was for the song Take It Away which garnished much antimosity from Karmin fans as it was amazingly outside their genre. In October 2011, the All My Ghosts remix album from The Dark Clan was released featuring Savages in Suits - Dizzy Mix by Self Implied Restrictions. Joining SIR on the album are such names as Wade Alin, Null Device, AimoniA, Ego Likeness, am.psych and many others. This release jumpstarted Gottron's ambition and in July 2012, SIR released 3 EP's: Lovers and Lunatics, Letters from the Lost, and Liars Vol. 1 (a covers and B-Sides collection) collectively holding over 20 tracks, these 3 EP's were 100% funded by fans, friends, and family through a Kickstarter donation page.

Since 2012 Gottron has spent most of his time in the background, working in other projects and even taking SIR to the stage in late 2013 opening for [REIN]Forced. Dispite being distracted, Gottron found time to put in work on new SIR material. Late 2014 is slated for another full length album and a second installment of Liars. Outside of SIR, Gottron has been in several notable bands including Margin of Error, STARdotSTAR (ex-AimoniA), and Disown. His appearances have been on a variety of instruments including drums, bass, live keys, and backing vocals.